Personal coaching

Whether you are looking for a particular change in your life or simply want to get more out of it, coaching might be exactly right for you. As we all have our stuck perspectives, blind areas, and our ingrained habits, personal coaching can help you finding new insights, other perspectives and can facilitate more clarity, awareness and progress in your life.

What coaching is

Coaching involves achieving cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes. Coaching inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, which facilitates achieving goals and enhancing performance.

You are the expert of your life! Whereby I work and believe that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. The role of your coach is not that of a consultant or therapist; rather, your coach is an enabler who supports you with proven tools and techniques to reach the goals that you map out together.

Coaching topics

I often get asked what kind of topics I coach. Although it is certainly possible for coaches to have a coaching niche or a particular branch, we always coach any topic you want coaching on: whether that is careers, studies, relationships, health, making choices or letting go of sabotaging patterns. The reason for this might sound paradoxical. We actually never coach a topic. We coach you, your life, the big picture and your topic is just a gateway to who you are and who you are becoming.

How coaching works

Coaching does not only consist of talking, we often make use of meditation techniques, breath -and body-work and we call upon your intuition to challenge your sabotaging thought-patterns. Contact with the bodily sensations stands central because the body is a great guidance-system for finding answers. Whereas transformation never arises within the comfort zone, coaching might be challenging. Therefore, actually taking action in between the sessions contains a significant part of the coaching trajectory too.

What a session looks like

We set a coaching agenda, starting with pinpointing one or more areas you would like to work on and we facilitate you in finding out how you want to deal with these topics. While making your topic tangible and concrete, you decide what you want to go home with. We never try to solve things or come up with solutions; we are rather your supporter on your path towards growth and awareness. Coaching can be face-to face, by phone or Skype.

What a coaching trajectory looks like

“Know Yourself and be Free.”

As I truly believe that if we all start living our true potential based wishing our authentic self, we will rise and co-create a better world together! Therefore, I developed the ‘Know Yourself program‘. An intensive personal development trajectory, that is focused on authentic personal leadership. Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth? To really walk your talk and break free from the status quo? Then this individual coaching program is for you! Read more.

Free sample session

Whether you are interested in a single coaching session, a trajectory or the full ‘Know Yourself program or just want to experience what coaching is and how it feels? Then, please book a free sample session (15-20 min). Please leave your contact details including your phone number and availability in our contact form. And let’s connect soon!