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Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth? To really walk your talk and break free from the status quo? Do you want to get to know, embrace and love yourself to the fullest? And – are you willing to take responsibility for your own life and personal growth? Are you ready for the integration of your ratio and intuition and to transcend yourself?
Then this coaching program is made for you! Create your life in line with who you truly are – authentic and open, vulnerable and powerful. Are you really ready to show guts and press the PLAY button of your life? Then this is exactly the personal development trajectory you are looking for!

“Dream big,
feel and do!”

Start with these 25 questions that will help you to get to know yourself better today!

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Focus of the program

  • Find your life purpose
  • Get acquainted with your intrinsic motivations, values, skills and core qualities
  • Define the impact you want to make in this world
  • Familiarize yourself with the different ‘voices’ in you
  • Recognize and transform sabotaging thoughts and patterns
  • Understand your shadows and survival mechanisms
  • Investigate and transform your greatest fears
  • Recognizing ratio and intuition and integrate the both of them in your life
  • Creating new perspectives
  • Create a tangible action plan for your next steps towards your dream!

By the end of this coaching program you will have

  • Clarity in who you are and what you want
  • More faith in your own, unique path
  • Practical tools to shift your energy
  • More peace, stability and a better connection with your intuition
  • The confidence to let your authentic power lead you
  • Clarity around your next steps in life
  • But above all, lots of energy and inspiration to take action!

The program consists of

  • 6 personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions!
  • Including one transformational breathing session
  • Full access to the online workbooks to deepen your learning
  • Preparatory homework assignments
  • Unique custom-made challenges that contribute to your transformation goal(s)!

The meaning of life is
to find your gift
The purpose of life is
to give it to others.
– William Shakespeare

For whom?

This coaching program is created for people that are really ready to take leadership in their life. It is made for people that are willing to invest in themselves and truly want to live and create from their own authentic power. Are you willing to take responsibility and do you have the guts to take a look in the mirror? Then I would love to work with you!

An investment in yourself

The investment in yourself amounts:
1350, – (exl. VAT) for individuals and freelance entrepreneurs.
Business rate for organizations on request.

* After the first session you decide whether your would like to continue with the program. Please check the FAQ page if you have any questions.


Free sample session

If you are interested in the ‘Know Yourself Program’, I advise you to book a free trial session (15-20 minutes by phone). It won’t cost you anything and it gives you the chance to experience what coaching is and how it feels. It’s also a great opportunity to ask all your questions!

Book a free sample session

FAQ Know yourself program


Frequently asked questions about the ‘Know Yourself’ coaching program:


The ‘Know Yourself program’ is in no case a substitute for psychological treatment. However, the program can be complementary or subsequent to the primary treatment. Please discuss program participation with your psychologist before you enter the ‘Know Yourself program’.

The online and offline individual coaching sessions take approximately 55 to max 90 minutes. The intake session takes 90 min and the  transformational breathing sessions takes up to 120 minutes. Because I highly value personal attention, I do not strictly limit the sessions to a fixed time. If necessary there is room for some outlet. The price is therefore per track or session. No surprises afterwards. The sessions are face-to-face in Leiden or can be held online by Skype.

The ‘Know yourself program’ is an intensive trajectory! On average it will take you 3 months. Every other week you will be coached individually and in the meantime you’ll be working on your personal challenges and online workbooks.

It’s also possible to go through the trajectory faster according to your own preferences. However, I noticed that real integration of the coaching happens when you life your life! And that’s in between the sessions and after the program. It’s advisable to take your time and find balance between being and doing.

If your schedule requires more time than 3 months, then there is no problem. We always schedule the following appointment after the session. So we plan flexible to meet your preferences.

I make use of different techniques based in co-active coaching, voice dialogue, breathing therapy and systemic work. The connection between the body and mind is centrally based in this program. Therefore, meditation, visualization and bodywork are intensively intertwined with all other techniques.

Yes! The individual coaching sessions are also possible online by skype or by phone and all workbooks can be accessed online too.

Certainly, it is possible to pay in 3 terms.

The first session is aimed at mapping what your coaching goals are. If you have the feeling that the trajectory does not match your expectations after the first session, you only pay for the first session and receive a refund for the rest of your payment!

You definitely do not have to have a specific topic in advance! The intention getting to know yourself is more than enough! We start the coaching trajectory by exploring your current situation and how you interact with the different aspects of life such as work, relationships, finance, health, fun and personal development. From there you choose what you want to focus on.

Definitely! In essence are all topics an entrance to who you are. By working on yourself, you will automatically get more insight on the topic you want coaching on. By gaining insight into yourself, you also broaden your perspectives on your topic(s). It is a process where both are served; you and your topic are inseparably linked!


If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact!

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