About Dominique


My name is Dominique van Wingerden. I am an entrepreneurial, curious, spiritual and at the same time very pragmatic person. I love simplicity and challenging myself and others. I find great joy in nature, yoga, but also in writing, traveling and deep conversations.

It is my purpose guiding you in finding and living yours! I truly believe that every single one of us has a unique mission. A combination of our deepest desires, talents and qualities. As we start using our head to do what our heart is telling us, together we can build a WE-culture. A culture based on connection, where we thrive and lift each other growing bigger together!

To come to that vision, I went through a rough time myself. At quite a young age whilst writing my PhD dissertation – I felt being in the midst of the rat race and burned myself out. However, it was exactly that recovery process that forced me to give notice to my sensitivity and dive deep within.

During a 10-day meditation retreat, I decided to leave my scientific job and shortly after I began my training to become a professional coach. Finally, I felt the ‘flow’ and satisfaction, which I had been looking for so long. I found my mission! After completing an HRM master and various scientific studies in the field of organizational psychology and talent management, I completed several practical trainings in the field of mindfulness, breathing therapy, voice dialogue and systemic coaching.



Today, I have ample experience working with people who are facing work-life related challenges. It provides me deep satisfaction hearing your story and exploring with you who you really are, what your greatest desires are and how you can achieve them.

Warm regards,

Dominique van Wingerden, MSc.