About Dominique



My name is Dominique van Wingerden. I am an entrepreneurial, curious, spiritual and at the same time very pragmatic person. I love to realize dreams, to challenge others and myself to the max. I find great joy in nature, yoga, but also in writing, traveling and deep conversations with friends & family.

It’s my biggest dream that you will take leadership in your life! That you start living from your unique and authentic power and start becoming who you came here to be. And from there start doing what you’re supposed here to do. That you will live your purpose!

Because I truly believe that every single one of us has a unique mission. A combination of our deepest desires, skills and motivations. As soon as we start using our head to do what our heart is telling us, together we can build a WE-culture. A culture based on love and peace instead of fear and competition. Let’s create a world where we thrive and lift each other to grow bigger together!

To find my purpose and world vision, I went through a rough time myself. During my time as a PhD candidate I burned out. I was 25 years old at the time. I wasn’t living life – life was living me. Being in the midst of the rat race, I was focusing on output instead of input. I was living inside my head.

However, the burnout became my savior. I was forced to give notice to my sensitivity and dive deep inside myself. During a 10-day meditation retreat, I decided to leave my scientific job behind and shortly after I began my training to become a professional coach. Finally, I felt the ‘flow’ and satisfaction, which I had been looking for so long. I found my mission!


In the years that followed, I truly got to know myself. I did some intense healing work using different techniques like; psychotherapy, meditation, body work and shamanic methods. Also, I followed several courses and trainings in mindfulness, breathing therapy, family constellations, reiki, and intuitive development.

It is my greatest passion to create more connection in the world. To go on adventure with you. To discover who you really are, what your mission is and how you can deepen living it! To create a life based on freedom and true satisfaction.


“Wishing you freedom, for a lifetime.”