Career coaching

Career coaching is very helpful if your focus is on your professional career. If you want to regain energy from your work, or when you want to find the job that really fits you; a job that matches your talents and abilities. But also if you want to learn to be more assertive and to recognize your boundaries. If you run into communication problems or if you want to reduce stress and find a better work-life balance.

Career coaching is helpful if your coaching question is focused on personal development that is related to your work or study. Some examples:

  • Am I still in the right job?
  • How do I find energy (again) with what I do?
  • How can I better use my talents in my professional career?
  • How do I deal with conflicts?
  • Where are my boundaries and how can I set them with respect?
  • What is the right balance between work and private life for me?
  • How do I deal with my feelings of stress, tension or anxiety?


There are various forms of coaching programs available at Pause to Play:

Know Yourself program

The most complete program is the Know Yourself program. This program is a full 3-month personal development program in which you really lay a foundation in your personal development. After this program you have a lot more insight into who you are and what your (limiting) patterns are that sabotage and support you in your growth. You also have gained a lot of practical tools to bring about permanent change in your life. Read more about the ‘Know Yourself program’.

APK coaching

The APK coaching program is a short and intensive process of 4 face-to face- personal coaching sessions. Which matches your needs if you are looking for focused and fast coaching. You feel you want to adjust (again) into the right direction – the direction of vitality and a sense of leadership in your life. Read more about the APK coaching trajectory.

Individual coaching

If you first want to experience what coaching can do for you, it is advisable to book a single coaching session. After this session you already have new insights about yourself and your topic. Afterwards you can decide whether you want to continue with a more intensive coaching process. Read more about the coaching rates.


If you are interested in career coaching, I highly recommend that you first book a free trial session (by phone 20 min). It won’t cost you anything and it gives you the opportunity to experience what coaching is and how it feels. We can also determine which program is most suitable for you at the moment.