APK coaching program

The APK coaching program is a short and intensive coaching trajectory of 4 personal coaching sessions.  Whether you are looking for a particular change in your life or simply want to get more out of it, this short and fast coaching track might be exactly right for you. You want some guidance into the right direction (again). The direction of vitality and a sense of leadership in your life.

This trajectory can also be helpful as a follow-up annual trajectory after the ‘Know Yourself program‘ to deepen and integrate your transformation. The types of coaching that we focus on during the APK coaching trajectory are:


Personal coaching focusses upon you. Whether you want to learn how to set boundaries, find more balance between your work and private life, experience less stress and more pleasure or meaning or purpose in your life. Personal coaching helps you to  make conscious choices to increase your personal effectiveness, happiness and well-being.
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Your career is central. Career coaching helps you to gain insight into questions such as ‘What do I really want?’ ‘What are my greatest talents and abilities?’, ‘What can be the next step in my career?’ or ‘How can I get more satisfaction from my work?’. In short, career coaching is something for you if you want to reflect upon your professional work life. And set tangible goals.
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Breathing coaching is a therapeutic cleansing of fixed emotions and patterns in your body and mind. One of the most important goals of our breath is to let go of resistance. With breath work (holotropic and transformational breathing) you can clean up deeper blockages. You will learn to breathe deeper and more relaxed from the lower abdomen. So that you literally get more ‘air’ in your life, both literally and figuratively.
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If you are interested in a personal coaching session, a trajectory or the program. I recommend that you first book a free trial session (by phone 20 min). It won’t cost you anything and it gives you the opportunity to experience what coaching is and how it feels. We can also determine which program is most suitable for you.